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Music with which we wrote:


  • Fairy tale piano waves: Vangelis, Soundtrack of "Bitter Moon"
  • Rhythmical piece with screams and crazy moans: Viviana Dogana, V-Human
  • Male singer (oriental associations): Dead can dance, The ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
    Other inspiring musicians:
  • Bent (electronic harmonizing good rhythms)
  • Lykke Li (special female voice and hippy-symphony)
  • Son Lux (melodious beaty arrangements camparable to Björk but with a male singer)
  • Modeselector (dubstep, hip hop, techno at it´s finest)
  • Ravel (try to write listening "Bolero" or the opposite, "Pavane pour une infante difunte")
  • Prokofiev (most suites of "Romeo and Juliet" are amazing)

Free and open source stuff useful for authors and journalists:


Other theme related webs about Europe and/or writing

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