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Juris Lipsnis from Latvia describes his impressions in the regional newspaper "Kurzemnieks":

about the project, his stay in Austria, the city of Graz and some economic details about the country.

The article was published in the Latvian newspaper with the creative title "Par Eiropas naudu uz Eiropu" which plays with the similitude that exists in Latvian between the words "money" and "Europe" - Eiropas/Eiropu.
Read the first part here...

It could be translated as "Going to Europe with the money of Europe" and encourages countrymen to take the opportunities offered by European Union. In this second part, it also explaines where to find useful Grundtvig workshops and how to apply for them.

Read the second part here...

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    Elephteria (Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 18:45)

    The song of this trip.

    Shut the gates and sunset

    After that you can't get out

    You can see the bigger picture

    Find out what it’s all about

    You're open to the skyline

    You won't want to go back home

    In a garden full of angels

    You will never be alone

    But oh! the road is long

    The stones that you are walking on

    Have gone

    This is for Karina, thank you for letting this happen, charming Helena, airy Ida, funky Sara, mild Nikola, timid Galya, smiley Katarina, fast moving Joao, easygoing Alin, our oh-so-Brittish Thomas, traditional Juris and last but not least, Jorge, my Spanish comrade-in-arms!

  • #2

    Juicer Reviews (Montag, 15 April 2013 06:02)

    I just shared this upon Facebook! My buddies will definitely want it!

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