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    Sylvie (Montag, 07 November 2011 18:32)

    The ideological background of Europe was to stop the constant wars that were happening between dwarf countries, prinicipalities and states (Otto von Habsburg).
    A good proposition.
    But the economic interests always prevail and who nows if Europe wasn´t joined to be taken first by America and then by China?

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    Alfred Pfitsch (Dienstag, 08 November 2011 13:59)

    Come on, why so negative?
    Any thing depends on interpretation
    and there´s nothing bad
    that hasn´t also it´s good part...
    Remember: the wars are over!

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    Denmark (Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 13:06)

    The crisis is a circle and single persons (even dictators) cannot be blamed alone nor do they have the whole responsibility for the failure of an entagled system. We all contribute to: results of elections, sales figures or environmental protection. We all have the responsibility for our own decisions. Example: If the consumers only buy the cheapest with no regards to quality, the industry will produce mostly cheap products without durability. If we consent the digitalisation of trade, burocracy, medical care, etc. we are agreeing to the quitting of employees. If we drink and drug ourselves delivering the responsibility over our own body and leaving it to the doctor who just represents the chemical industry, we just give power to the pharmaceutical industry... perpetrators always require victims – one doesn´t exist without the other and we decide by ourselves whether we resign to victimisation.

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    Portugal (Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 16:45)

    Family values also should be updated!

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    Samy (Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 16:46)

    I know families where the sons are totally spoiled because the mother is stupid, or the daughters ran away because the father was naughty. A good family might be the best, but a bad one causes the same or worse harm than media...

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    Sara (Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 18:33)

    All crisis (environmental, political, economical, ethical, etc...) is so cross-linked that it is impossible to reduce to single factors but I find one general problem is the lack of decency which is spred by global media. In the past there was a minimum claim of honesty and decency, media tried to show the good, the proper. Of course in old films everything was idealized but now news, pop music and cinema depict the worst, calling it “realism”. So much portraying of negativism and nihilism in media causes pessimism, depression and resignation to the audience. It draws down the level in any sense. A perfect world should be devoted to the good values (moral, quality, respect, responsibility). Then, at least infringements wouldn´t be accepted any more as something normal.

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    Alin (Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 18:41)

    The Siberia Effect:
    Moroccans go to Spain to get a higher payment.
    Spaniards go to Germany to get a job.
    Germans go to Norway to get a payment for which it is worth working...
    If we continue like this, we will all end up in Siberia!

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